Blogging stresses me out, and knowing that the audience for my blog posts can be seen globally is stressful to me. I have never written for myself, or anyone other than my teachers; and now having an outlet for my thoughts and writing is nerve racking.

caution: new blogger

I would say that I write fairly well; other than writing for projects and such for school I don’t write at all. For me, writing doesn’t come naturally; I have to be given something to write about to be able to go forward with an assignment.

I do not have any past experiences in writing other than essays and other projects for school. For the most part, I’m not very passionate about writing, and the things that I write about mainly because I’m not interested in it.

Blogs have always been something I’ve been interested in. I made a blog a few years ago out of interest of becoming a frequent blogger and practice my writing skills, but once I created the blog I could never come up with something that intrigues me.

To me, a blog is a blank canvas that I can spill my thoughts onto. I am passionate about my art; drawing, painting and other matters of expression interest me greatly. Generally, I viewed my blog as the canvas. The issue was that with such diversity, it became overwhelming to understand something that others would appreciate.

Blogging: a simple public forum of expression seems so over-exaggerated in what it could be. For myself, I would be content with a few individuals appreciating my thoughts. However, being in a public forum leaves everything to debate and the thought of an argument or disagreement of my expression seems frightening to say the least.

I’m hoping that this blog will open up doors for me with future employers looking to hire someone like me.